healing hollow farm

Welcome to the Farm

Located on the edge of Paonia, Colorado and at the foot of majestic Mount Lamborn, iiná Research’s Healing Hollow Farm is our first operation. We will be planting approximately 8 of its 36 acres for the 2020 growing season with plans to expand the operation in 2021.

The soils are good and the weather, while dry, bodes well for crops as the sun dominates the sky. We are lucky enough to have irrigation ditch rights, a creek, as well as a spring to draw our water from.

If you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods, give us a call! We would love to have you stop by to see our farm.

North Fork Valley

Paonia (Latin for Peony) is known for its orchards, vineyards, hemp farms, and other agricultural uses. They are also known for renewable energy education and is a popular base for hunters, hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Paonia is a town of approximately 1500 residents and is home to fantastic restaurants as well as their numerous festivals during the summer months.  

The North Fork Valley was inhabited by the Ute people until 1880, when the Ute Indian Reservation was closed by the federal government following the infamous Meeker Massacre.

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