Every day seems like a big day on the farm! We are transplanting the 3,000 Matterhorn CBG seedlings we got from HGH Seed, Inc. in Longmont, Colorado over the next few days while the original H5CBG mother plants continue to explode with growth! We now have 24 clone machines and the ability to take more roughly 2000 clones at a time! Therefore, more clones (a lot more!) will be taken from the H5CBG mother plants and the cloning/transplanting cycle will continue until planting ends.

We’re going to do comparison testing all season on our two strains (H5CBG & Matterhorn CBG) and will keep you updated with cannabinoid levels, pictures and such.

The irrigation set up is being ordered and installation will commence soon, this may not sound exciting, but water on the Western Slope is like gold so we are super excited to get this right!

While we love them and consider them residents of the farm, the beavers are getting aggressive with their dams, so we need to do a little negotiating with them to see if we can find some middle ground. We will remove a small section they recently built to keep the ponds out of the fields.

Planting starts in early June and with all the new plants, the farm is exploding with iiná! We really are bringing the essence of life, to life!

Good week to all!

~ iiná Research

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