Eric met our neighbor, Solar Energy International. They provide training in solar energy to people from all over the world and we look forward to finding ways to collaborate with them this season and in the future! 

Do you know what a Ram Pump is? Well, we have one and they are pretty cool. I don’t understand completely how they work, but I’m pretty sure there is sorcery involved. Luckily, Mike from Solar Energy International knows all about them and is coming over at the end of next week see if ours is running efficiently. It is great to have good neighbors!

Our spring is full, and the irrigation ditch is flowing, but we still have questions about how our irrigation system is set up since there are several buried pipes. While the location of many are obvious, we are still sketchy about others. Eric has followed every line and examined every water source so with the help of other neighbors who were around when the system was installed, he will soon be a true irrigation guru!

We are ramping up our clone production and have 24 new clone machines ready to work. We transplanted 496 clones last week and after just 9 days they almost all had roots. That is a 96.8% success rate over the first 12 hours and had a 100% success rate for all that survived longer than 12 hours. Our growers know how to handle the plants and how to give them the love they need to thrive and on Saturday they took another 475 clones! and the cycle will continue.

Our revamped irrigation system (we are changing parts) is being designed using physics to water our fields as opposed to pumps alone. We are digging up the main line Sunday and hope to achieve a 1 inch drop every ten feet to pressurize the feed lines. We also decided to run our rows up and down slope instead of across the slope as they had been before iiná Research got here, to further assist with pressure.

The plants are growing rapidly. Ms. Red has been cloned at least twice, and they all love Paonia and the Rocky Mountains. 

Multiple stages of life mean multiple grow areas!  At first, all the plants were in the same stage of life, therefore we were treating them all the same (same watering, nutrients, soil, etc.) Now we have plants in multiple stages of life and have set up a special area for the clone machines and are getting the other greenhouses in shape to house plants until they move to the fields in June

The team at Healing Hollow Farm in Paonia is creating iiná and are bringing the essence of life (hemp), to life. Eric and his team Rachel and Uriah deserve a ton of credit for bringing the operation at Healing Hollow Farm to full steam. They work long hard hours with few days off and their effort is not only appreciated, but it is also apparent in the health and beauty of the plants! Please send them a big “THANK YOU!” for their efforts!

Good week to all!

~ iiná Research

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